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Experience the ultimate blend of Luxury and Convenience with our Therapeutic Beard- Nourishing Foam Shampoo.


  • Oil absorption: Removes excess oil from your beard and scalp without stripping away moisture.


  • Buildup removal: Helps to remove dirt, debris, and product buildup from your beard and scalp.


  • Hair follicle care: Promotes healthy hair growth by nourishing your hair follicles.


  • Waterless: Convenient for use after a workout or when you don't have access to water.


  • Lightweight texture: Soothes your scalp and leaves your hair feeling soft and manageable.


  • Delightful fragrance: Leaves your hair feeling refreshed and invigorated.


  • Fine ingredients: Made with Indian gooseberries, fenugreek seeds, shikakai, soap nuts, pure castor oil, and a carefully crafted natural fragrance blend.


Order your bottle of Therapeutic Beard -Nourishing Foam Shampoo, and indulge in the remarkable difference it brings to your grooming routine.


Works seamlessly with all hair textures, including braids, for a truly versatile and revitalizing hair care experience!



At Beards & Beyond, each of our handmade products undergoes a meticulous crafting process, ensuring the utmost care and quality. Please note that as we handcraft each order with precision and dedication, fulfillment may take up to 7 business days. We appreciate your patience and believe the artisan touch is worth the wait.

Therapeutic Beard-Nourishing Foam Shampoo 7 fl oz

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